Suburban Dental Lab offers a wide range of advanced Implant options to meet your needs. Read on to learn about our advanced implant technology and specialized technicians.

In addition to state-of-the-art implant technology, Suburban’s implant department includes experienced technicians who specialize in implant technology. We offer comprehensive, customizable, digital and conventional implant options, and our implant technicians enjoy working closely with doctors to create successful results.

Suburban Dental Lab offers cementable and screw-retained abutment types, as well as TiBase restorative options, and is in partnership with several implant manufacturers to provide a multitude of implant systems.


Additionally, Suburban Dental Lab employs a variety of other digital technology, including 3Shape.

Implant Crown & Bridge
PFM Crowns
FGC Crowns


  • E-Max ®
  • Full-Contour Zirconia
    • ZR High Translucency, ZRXT Premium
  • Porcelain-layered
    • Lava, ZR High Translucency, ZRXT Premium

If you have any further questions about our custom implant solutions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 253-564-1878. We are here to help!

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